On Sunday 25th August, the residents at the St. Andrew's Home were treated to an afternoon of great entertainment with sweet local melodies including Soca and Parang!
On Sunday 25th August, the residents of the St.  Andrew's Home for the Elderly received a special treat from Katherine Dalton-Brown, daughter of our PP Marie, who conducts yoga classes with them during the week.  The afternoon included dancing, singing and being serenaded by Stefan Roach and his wife through the beautiful songs of guitar playing. All sorts of local foods and special treats were enjoyed by all. 
All were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of La Mansion, a new parang band , which boasted sweet vocals and infectious instrumentals. The residents could not resist the sweet song of the mandolin and cuatro and  through the help of those more able-bodied present, the lades were soon on their feet dancing the afternoon away!
The Rotary Club of Maraval, whose members were most present to help the residents enjoy in the merriment,  have worked with the St. Andrews' home for more than two decades. Our Club is awaiting the replacement of the roof to begin minor upgrade works throughout the Home to help improve their facilities.
We thank Katherine and all her friends for such a fantastic event for the residents!