Mervyn Assam, partner-in-service of Marcia Prince-Assam, graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours degree in Economics and Political Science. While working there in senior executive positions, he continued his professional studies in Accounting and Management.  After illustrious careers in agri-business, investment banking, local and regional government, ambassadorial positions, and even as a talk-show host, he is currently Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of T&T, responsible for Trade & Industry.
Mervyn is therefore highly qualified to be involved in policy prescriptions that inform the T&T budget, ensuring that it is in line with financial reality.  He commented that T&T's human development is lacking, i.e., for potable water, health, education, port turnaround, housing, literacy, etc., etc.  He pointed out that the Oil & Gas industry is no longer a viable indicator of sustainable growth, and the world is moving to renewable energy.  He was disappointed that there was nothing in the budget for ICT (Information & Communications Technology) and that the Tamana Technology Park in Wallerfield has had no return whatsoever.  We need diversification to develop the country and recommends focusing on one area for development - intensive agriculture. He said that the budget lacked imagination and slammed the "nuisance" taxes announced.  Mervyn elaborated on all these points and gave us a thought-provoking insight into the economics of this country, with references to the success of Singapore.