Last Tuesday (Valentine's Day), we welcomed Deacon Derek Walcott to speak on the subject of "Love".  Deacon Walcott is the managing director of a maritime/energy sector company and was ordained in 2010.  He is a member of the Catholic Living Water Community and is involved in several community groups, particularly providing support to young men.  He is married with children.
Deacon Walcott gave us an inspiring talk on what constitutes true love, such as patience, kindness. non self-seeking, unconditional, everlasting, etc.  He challenged us to put ourselves first before the other.  This necessarily limits our freedom, which exists for the sake of love.  Everyone has a preferred "love language" and we should give love to our partner in the way that they experience Love Language.  There are 5 types:
- words of affirmation
- quality time
- receiving gifts
- acts of service
- physical touch
Find out your own preferred Love Language by taking the test at