Members in arrears are asked to settle their dues, as Club Admin Accounts are in the red with large expenses coming up.
Money Pans have realised about $30,000 for this Rotary year.
The Soup Fest fund-raiser was a social and financial success thanks to Anna's management, though we have not got reconciliation on the ticket sales by Barbara of Goodwill.
The Jazz fund-raiser is on stream and tickets will be issued soon, once all artistes are confirmed. Thanks to PP Mary for coordinating a $55,000 donation.
Several events commemorating the club's 25th Anniversary have been planned:
 - 27th March - joint meeting with RC Princes Town at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the waterfront
- 20th April - workshop at NAPA and cocktail party in appreciation of the past presidents, facilitated by the Australian High Commissioner and his wife (Rot. Yvonne)
- 4th May - gala dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, joint with the RC of Princes Town
- commemorative shirts and pins
PP Dolores confirmed that the Time Capsule was buried at the Princess Elizabeth Centre to celebrate our 5th Anniversary, with the understanding that it would be dug up 25 years later, i.e., for our 30th anniversary.
Other club news included:
Our new PA system has not functioned well and will be returned.
President Maureen promised that all members will be registered in My Rotary by the end of March.
PP Lorna coordinated a donation to the prisons by past member, Nicholas Galt.
The World Affairs Seminar project is underway with RC of Central POS contributing candidates from their MUNA project.
The Tidy T&T project is being resurrected with the RC of POS.
The La Seiva School required an air-conditioner repair, and we will also be supplying some I.T. training.
A Health Fair is still being planned.
A cricket competition for Maraval schools is being planned.
Our club is helping with a car repair for the Women's Shelter.
Our club provided some sponsorship for the T&T Film Festival and our name was announced every night.