World Diabetes Day is recognized on November 14th each year but activities for Diabetes awareness are typically executed throughout the entire month. The Rotary Club of Maraval along with the other North Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Trinidad and Tobago contributed to this effort by conducting a walk for Diabetes on Thursday 7th November with our District Governor Trevor Blake.
On Thursday 7th November, the Rotary Club of Maraval joined with four other North Rotary and Rotaract Clubs to walk around the Nelson Mandela Park with our District Governor Trevor Blake to raise awareness about Diabetes. Diabetes is one of the DG's special areas of focus this year as it is one of the highest causes of death within the Caribbean. Therefore this walk was well timed for the month of November and the DG's visit.
 Present were Assistant Governor for the North Clubs, Mr Gordon Paul, representatives of the Rotary Clubs of Diego Martin, POS West, POS and Central POS. The Rotaract Club of Central POS, POS West and Diego Martin were also well represented.