Rtn Lera shared on her experience and learnings from the RLI Training held on August 25th and 26th and conducted by District Governor Dominique Venere and PDG Roger Bose
My RLI Experience 
At our lunch meeting held on Tuesday 23rd October, Rotarian Lera Boisson-Comissiong shared on the information she acquired during the RLI Training conducted in August 2018.
Rtn Lera shared on the basics of Rotary as it relates to the Object of Rotary, the 4-way test and the six areas of focus under which every Rotary project must fall. She also identified way in which we can improve our Club engagement through surveys of our membership to determine any gaps within the Club. Proper techniques for project planning and marketing were also discussed and it was advised that Clubs should tap into their member classification to be able to do bigger and better projects. Rtn Lera also shared on the importance of evaluation projects to ensure that they are SMART-ER (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound, Evaluated and Reviewed)  than what was previously done  Templates for different fundraisers can be found on Rotary's website.
It was indeed an eye  opener for Rtn Lera as to the wealth of information shared in this training and she advised that all Rotarians should participate in this training to gain more knowledge about our organisation.