Our 10th meeting for the year 2019-20 was held at Normandie Hotel on Tuesday 8th October at 12.30pm. Our guest speaker, PDG Stephen Ramroop,  shared on the ways in which we can be our brother's keeper during time of crisis and the practical implementations that can be put in place for proper preparation for natural disasters.
Our Club hosted its 11th luncheon meeting at the Normandie Hotel  on Tuesday 11th October where PDG Stephen Ramroop  delivered in fantastically engaging and relaxed style the ways in which Rotary can help with the preparation of communities in the wake of  natural disasters namely Hurricanes.  PDG Stephen was warmly welcomed our Rotary Club and left all present with tips and tricks that can be implemented within your homes as he also shared on the governmental response strategies that ideally should be in place to allow for a better response to a natural disaster.
We also welcomed Secretary Mark De Freitas who attended the meeting from the Rotary Club of POS West.