Our 10th meeting for the year 2019-20 was held at the Normandie Hotel on Tuesday 8th October at 12.30pm. Our guest speaker, DG Stephen Ramroop,  shared on the ways in which we can be our brother's keeper during times of crisis and the practices that can be put in place for proper preparation for natural disasters.
Meeting began at 12.30pm
Head Table: President Marcia , Pres-Elect/Sec Giselle and Sergeant Joseph
Apologies: Rtn. Adanna, Rtn. Yvonne and Chair Mary 
There following guests were present: Ms. Paula Baldwin, Ms. Samantha Chase and visiting Rotarian from POS West: Secretary Mark De Freitas
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Chair Janine de Silva  celebrated her birthday today - October 8th and Chair Donna Murray's birthday is on October 14th 
There were no Wedding Anniversaries
Member’s 5 minutes
  • Sous sous reminder in aid of Polio Plus  with a contribution of TT $100 per month – PP Marie
  • A replacement is needed for the Servol cooking classes as IPP Jennifer is not well 
  • The books have been delivered to La Sieva for the Library renovation project - PP Joan
  • Elections will be held on Tuesday 5th November and nomination forms were distributed. All were reminded that if you cannot vote, it can be done via proxy and sent to the returning officer - Sergeant Pat
  • A new Interact Club is being formed under the guidance of Rtn Kelly, PP Joan and PP Anna at the International School of POS - President Marcia
  • A raffle was drawn for the RC Central POS's movie premiere this evening and this was won by Rtn Vera.
The Sergeant then invited Rtn Nicole who introduced PDG Stephen Ramroop as our guest speaker (See notes from PDG Stephen's chat in the downloadable files on the website)
Our President announced upcoming meetings as follows:
Rotary Calendar – October - Economic and Community Development 
October 8th   RC Central POS - Movie Premiere "Gemini Man" - $150 at 7pmMovie Towne, POS
October 15th 
My Life Talk - Rtn Vera Dookiesingh 
Luncheon Meeting
October 22nd 
Service Projects Update - Chair Mary Charles
Luncheon Meeting 
October 24th 
World Polio Day Event with the RC Chaguanas, 6.30pm, $100
Chaguanas Borough Corporation
Sergeant collected  $260.00
Meeting ended at 1.35pm with a toast to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Rotary the World Over and Peace in the World