Our 15th meeting for the year 2019-20 was held at Normandie Hotel on Tuesday 3rd December at 12.30pm. We acknowledged the start of a new month and new theme "Disease Prevention and Treatment" as we heard from our President on the Board Update. 
November 2019 Board Update - President Marcia
The meeting was called to order at 12:33pm by Sergeant-At-Arms, Rtn. Patricia Ramcharan, with the singing of the National Anthem followed by the recitation of the prayer and Four-Way Test. President Marcia was called to the podium to welcome members and guests while lunch was ordered by those present. We then segued into the Members’ 5-minutes segment

Members’ 5-Minutes

Rtn. Shirley – Updated us on the preparations and plans for the Rampanalgas Christmas party to be held on Friday December 06th 2019. Some of the main points discussed were: Transport/carpool arrangements, Lunch at the village restaurant and orders for pepper sauce and chow chow.

Rtn. Kelly – Informed that she recently created an Interact informational brochure for the students at the International School of POS. The school and its students have decided to move forward with the Interact club. There will be more information to follow. 

Rtn. Marie – Shared that her ailing daughter-in-law in Jamaica was asked to speak at a symposium on violence against women. This titbit was particularly inspiring given her condition

Rtn. Joan – Informed us why she brought her guest Shivanee Ramlochan to meeting. Ms. Ramlochan is part of the Paperbased Bookshop team. An avid reader, poet and writer, Ms. Ramlochan, amassed a collection of books over the years. The collection of books were sold and the proceeds donated to RCOM.  

At the conclusion of Members’ 5-Minutes, Sergeant-at-Arms called Rtn. Adanna to present the RI President’s December 2019 message. The topic was centred around 2020 RI Convention in Honolulu.

Club meeting ended at 1:25pm.