Our 6th meeting for the year 2019-20 was held at Normandie Hotel on Tuesday 20th August at 12.30pm. Our guest speaker, Mr. Lyndon Brathwaite, shared on the ways in which we can successfully, "Attract, Grow and Maintain" our membership.
Meeting began at 12.32pm
Head Table: President Marcia , Pres-Elect/Sec Giselle, Membership Chair Janine and Sergeant Joseph
Apologies: Rtn. Nicole, Rtn. Kelly, Rt. Aileen, Rtn. Yvonne and Rtn. Michele
Special Welcome was given to visiting Rotarian Justin Seheult of the Rotary Club of Port of Spain West. There were two guests present: Mr. Ronel Lewis and Mr. Rodney Gonzales
Birthdays and Anniversaries
No birthdays this week
Wedding Anniversaries - Charmaine and Louise’s 26th on 21st Aug ; Yvonne and John’s 39th on 26th Aug
Member’s 5 minutes
  • Sous sous reminder in aid of Polio Plus  with a contribution of TT $100 per month – PP Marie
  • A reminder to all to please pay their dues - Treasurer Charmaine
  • The Club's Strategic Planning Committee has met and created the first draft of the Club's Strategic Plan 2019-2021. This will be circulated to the all soon - President Marcia
  • The St. Andrew's Home will be having a party hosted by Katherine who does yoga with them on Sunday 25th August.  At this party, the quarterly birthday celebrations done by our Club will be held. Rtn Pat will share the invite with the Club. - Projects Chair Mary
Presentation by Mr. Lyndon Brathwaite on the topic "Attract, Grow and Maintain Your Membership"
The introduction of the speaker was done by Treasurer Charmaine who highlighted Mr. Brathwaite's numerous accomplishments as a sales coach entrepreneur and speaker.
Mr. Brathwaite emphasized that his session will not be a lecture but rather a discussion. He then posed the following questions:
1. What would we like our club membership to grow to over the next few years: that is from 31 to what number?
2. What affects membership growth: 
Lack of resources
Lack of time
Lack prestige
Less professional
Lack of vitality and size
Lack of interest in serving others
3. What is our value proposition? What are we offering to our existing members, potential members and the community?

We must communicate and understand the works we are doing to then be able to connect with the projects that we are doing. We must use our social media platforms more effectively - LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook

4. How do we measure Membership Satisfaction? Do we gain feedback from our sponsors? 

5. What do we want the Rotary club of Maraval to look like in 2030? We must plan for the future, now.
A Q&A session was then overseen by the Sergeant and the session closed with Projects Chair Mary who gave the vote of thanks on behalf of our Club.
Our President announced upcoming meetings as follows:
Rotary Calendar – August – Membership and New Club Development 
August  22nd  Rotary Club of San Fernando Fellowship Meeting with AG Debbeie speaking on Estate Planning Royal Hotel
August 24th  
Rotary Club of Princes Town's Chokha Fest Fundraiser
San Fernando Hill
August 27th 
Board Luncheon Meeting at 12noon  
House of Chan
August 27th  
Evening Fellowship at 5.30pm at One Woodbrook Place
Whipped Restaurant
Meeting ended at 1.35pm with a toast to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Rotary the World Over and Peace in the World