Our 9th meeting for the year 2019-20 was held at Normandie Hotel on Tuesday 1st October at 12.30pm. We acknowledged the start of a new month and new theme "Economic and Community Development" as we heard from our President on the Board Update. This month is also of great significance in the Rotary Calendar as we celebrate World Polio Day on 24th October 2019
October 2019 Board Update - President Marcia
President Marcia shared with the Club a comprehensive update on the outcome of the board meeting held on Sunday 29th September with the main points as follows:
1.Finances -  The Finance Committee has been created and will be sharing their proposed plans which may include reporting, monitoring and controlling of the Club's expenditure and data entry. Rtn Kelly is currently earning the Peachtree software from the current resource engaged by Treasurer Charmaine. AG Debbie is to be reached out to help with the incorporation documents for our Club
2. Service projects - The Tidy T&T Committee has confirmed that they will be using Mauricio as the new service provider for the agriculture and he will work with other past students of the programme who are interested in helping. The contribution to the prison has not been made to date as clarification on the overall figure owed has been requested from Chair Donna who can confirm via her workplace. We have agreed that the Show Me How to Connect project will be executed in March/ April as the FLOW sponsorship has not yet been received and the initial proposed start date was October. The resource who is used to give the parenting tips is not in the country and therefore Rtn Nicole will follow up with this and advise the Club accordingly.
3. Public Relations - During the meeting measurements were taken of each member who ordered a blazer. All were asked to pay their downpayment as to help fast track the process the Club will pay the seamstress directly and then be reimbursed by the respective Club members
4. Club Administration - We have confirmed PDG Stephen Ramroop who will come to share on the readiness of Trinidad and Tobago in facing a Cat 5 storm at the next Club meeting 
5. Membership - Guest Paula will be added to the Friends of Rotary WhatsApp group where guests can get information what is happening with the Club