On Tuesday 15th October we hosted our 11th Luncheon meeting for the year where we heard from Rtn Vera as she shared on her "My Life" talk with all present.


The meeting was called to order at 12:30pm by Sergeant-At-Arms, Rtn. Joseph Lynch, with the singing of the National Anthem followed by the recitation of the prayer and Four-Way Test

President Marcia was called to the podium to welcome members and guests while lunch was being served. We then segued into the Members’ 5-minutes segment

Members’ 5-Minutes

Rtn. Marie – Gave an update on the Club’s involvement in the Rotary North Cluster Diabetes Project where she and Rtn. Donna C. are representing our club on the committee. This project itself is expected to be executed sometime in early 2020. The exact date is to be determined.

Rtns. Joan & Kelly – Updated us on their presentation to the International School of POS (ISPS) on starting an Interact Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Maraval. Currently the school has a full schedule of activities for its students that run until the end of this school term therefore we may have to look toward early 2020 for chartering the Club.

On November 06-08, the ISPS will be hosting their international cohort of 130 students and are interested in engaging a community service project. There will only be a 2hr window to facilitate the project and as we discussed the options available during the meeting we concluded that it may not be feasible for mainly (2) reasons.

(i)                 The number of students to facilitate on short notice

(ii)               The 2hr window may propose a challenge since transportation has to be factored into that time

Rtn. Mary – Informed the club that Mr. Kenneth Listhrope has agreed to be a part of our Jazz Under the Stars event 

At the conclusion of Members’ 5-Minutes, Rtn. Veera Deokiesingh-Fraser gave her rousing My Life presentation.


Club meeting ended at 1:40pm.