Our lunch meeting held on October 9th saw us jointly present stationary gifts to the La Sieva RC and Rampanalgas RC schools' principals and also hear from our first Rotary Royalty series featuring PP Helen Ache who spoke on her Rotary Journey 
Rotary Royalty and Stationery Contributions 
The Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Maraval co-sponsored the distribution of stationery tokens to the successful SEA students of the La Sieva RC and Rampanalgas RC Schools. Present to receive the tokens on the students behalf were Principal Mr Niles of La Sieva and teaching assistant Ms. Mohammed of Rampanalgas. Rotaract Club President, Ms. Renee Bailey , was also present to assist in the distribution.
During this meeting, we launched the beginning of our "Rotary Royalty" series which replaces the "My Life" talks by featuring our charter and long-standing members and their Rotary journey. Our first Rotary Royalty speaker was Past President Helen Ache who shared with us her thoughts on her personal journey that led her to Rotary. She also shared some very insightful thoughts as she stressed the importance of quality over quantity as it pertains to our Club's membership.
Charter member Helen expressed her delight in seeing the younger members in our club and believes this is the right path for the Club to become more sustainable. She also shared on the projects which were initiated in her year which were:
  • The Miss Universe Ball with the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago 
  • The Lady Hochoy Home Reception 
Kudos to PP Helen on her 25+ years of service and dedication to Rotary and we look forward to hearing from our other Rotary Royalty Inductees in the months to come.