Nakeshia Quamina, Facilities Manager, and Petra Ramsubhag, Psychologist, spoke about St. Dominic's, a facility for children up to the age of 16 who have generally been admitted by a care order from a court.  There are a maximum of 8 children/household with 4 homes being for boys and 4 for girls.  Alternative education is encouraged such as culinary, remedial, computer, sewing, art, music, sports, etc., and a homework programme is set up.  The facility no longer operates as an orphanage and provides a continual care framework to transition children into society.  With the advent of the Children's Authority in 2015, resident homes should be a last resort but this is often not the case.  More scrutiny and accountability is needed. 
When they leave, boys can go to Marion House but girls have nowhere to go.  St. Judes used to provide this transition support for girls, but the nuns have left and the facility was handed back to the church.  The manager of St. Dominic's would be interested in running such a facility if one was provided. 
A "Sisters Can Cook" fund-raiser for St. Dominic's is being held on 20th May at Holy Name Convent.  Tickets are $300.