A lot has been happening in our club recently, so here is a pictorial reminder of fun and good works:
The Flag Ceremony at the opening of the District Conference 2017 in April.  This was an outstanding presentation with empowering messages and first class entertainment at NAPA.  The PETS, Assembly and Conference took place at The Hyatt Regency Hotel and was a great success.  Next year to Suriname!
Winners of the World Affairs Seminar competition, Dexter Blackman of St. Mary's College, Iyana Doyle of Bishop Anstey Trinity College East and Marc Maingot of St. Mary's College being congratulated by project organiser, PP Mary, and President Marie.  Congratulations to the organising committee and many thanks to the judges Rotarians Dale, Lorna and Eric (from Central POS club) and participants.
Jazz Under The Stars at the O'Farrell's residence on Saturday delighted patrons despite the occasional drizzle.  Many thanks to PE Maureen and her fund-raising team for their tremendous hard work and commitment.  This year we added a twist with a small Silent Art Auction which raised an additional $2,350 for our club and $800 for the Rotaract Club of Maraval.
Holistic Music School Band performing