President Adele presided and PP Mary acted as Sergeant-at-Arms.
PP Anna's guest, Past President of RCOM Rotaract Club, Kevin Young, gave helpful suggestions to the Forum discussions.
Club Forum - Highlights
Treasurer (Charmaine not present):
- The club has about $800,000 in funds.
- Still regularising the Learning Centre accounts. The ministry owes us about $80,000 for the last term.
- 2% of Fund raising funds ($13,517) was transferred from the charity funds to Club Admin account to cover the deficit for 2014-15.
Service Projects (PP Mary):
- Supplying appliances (from Learning Centre), equipment and clothes to Rampanalagas.
- Servol cooking classes restart in September.  Need more cooks.
- Working with Central POS Club to select WAS students next year; hopefully they will sponsor 2 also.  DG interested in implementing this project in Barbados.
- La Seiva RC Primary School need volunteer teachers for Religious Knowledge, help with professional development for teachers, funds for music classes, etc.  We are donating the air-conditioner from the Learning Centre.
- Missionaries of Charity food donations may be available for Rampanalagas and La Seiva School.
- Marie is continuing to provide spectacles for prisoners.  They need prizes, etc., for their functions.
- St. Andrews Home support is ongoing.  Movement classes being introduced.
- St. James Youth Club may wish to use the Learning Centre building for homework, music classes, etc.
- Brenda is handing over the donation cans and PP Anna will now coordinate this.  Everyone to be responsible for a few tins.
Membership (PP Anna):
PP Lorna will manage this while PP Anna is away for 2 months from Sunday.
- Plan to increase membership by 15%.
- Asked for a budget of $15,000 to be taken from the Charity Funds.
Public Relations (Rot. Shirley C):
- All members to spread the word about RCOM.
- Plan to set up a board saying 'Rotary Meets Here" at the Normandie Hotel Village and Reception.
Club Admin (PP Joan L-A):
- 5 Sergeants to rotate in first 6 months.
- Rot. Shirley responsible for member greeting cards.
- PP Susan to give Rotary Foundation Thought once a month.
- PP Lorna to give Rotary Information.
Rotary Foundation (PP Dale - away):
Fund Raising (PE Claudine - absent):
- Raised about $100,000 last year.
- Soup Fest likely to take place again.
- Jazz Under the Stars being considered for St. Patrick's Day.  Cuban Embassy may bring in guest artistes.
- Golf Tournament needs sponsorship.
- Considering a Back in Times Party.